Lesley Cooley - Gas Boiler Replacement

'It's real piece of mind to know that our old boiler won't break any time soon'

Lesley Cooley and her mum, Pamela Oates, participated in a scheme funded by Scarborough Borough Council which enabled them to access a boiler and central heating replacement.

Originally from Middlesex, Lesley left her full-time job and moved to live with her mum 5 years ago, and now acts as her full time living carer.

“Before I had the central heating system installed, we relied on a pay-as-you-go back boiler which used to eat our money. I was always back and forwards to the shop to make sure it was topped up.


“Our energy bills were sky high as I always had to ensure that the temperature was comfortable for my mum who’s got really bad circulation and suffers with diabetes. We have nurses visiting three times a week to change her dressings.


“It’s real peace of mind to know that my mum feels more comfortable now, we were starting to stock up on hot water bottles for her.


“The worry of our old boiler conking is gone. Each year we had our boiler serviced with British Gas, and every time they came out they made a big deal about how old it was, which made us really concerned that any time soon we’d be without it.


“If it broke, there’s no guarantee that we’d have any help in getting it back up and running again, and if the winter comes around as cold as it has recently then we’d be in a really bad situation.


Lesley and her mum Pam became aware of the scheme through her friend, and she tells us how easy she found the process and how helpful everyone was from start to finish.

“My friend had benefited from the scheme herself and passed my details on to the council who assisted me in my application.


“The installers who came were great; I’d replaced the floorboards in my kitchen myself by hand using no machines, and they saw how much hard work I had put in and made every effort to maintain it.


“They also were aware that my mum struggled to move around the house herself and needed assistance from myself and the nurses who visit, and they made sure they didn’t interrupt her routine where possible.


“This winter, we’ll be able to put the boiler on knowing I won’t have to go out to the shop to keep it going, and it won’t break down leaving us in the freezing cold.


“The new central heating system is so much more efficient than the old system, and now when we run the hot tap it’s instant and we don’t have to leave it running and wasting water.


“My mum needs a shower room installing in our house, and I’m sure the more economic system will have a positive effect throughout the house.”


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