Keeping warm this winter

Winter energy saving tips

We're set for the coldest winter in 10 years, so make sure you're not left out in the cold with our top energy saving tips - and they'll cost you next to nothing!

With snow on the horizon this winter making our heating systems work that little bit harder, we've got some simple tips to help you keep on top of those rising energy bills...

Boiler on the blink – check your external pipe

If your boiler isn't working as it should be, it could be worth checking that the pipes haven’t frozen over. Modern condensing boilers produce slightly acidic condensation as a byproduct, which passes through a pipe external to your home.

This can lead to blockages when the pipe freezes due to the cold weather, which can prevent your boiler from working. But once thawed, you might be able bring your boiler back to life…

Ensure your boiler is switched off before beginning the process. Using hot water (not boiling, as this can be damaging) simply pour a kettle-full amount over the pipes, before turning your boiler back on to see if it’s worked. It might be worth completing the process a few times before admitting defeat.

If your boiler is still not working, unfortunately you may need to contact a heating engineer to look at your heating system.

Curtains drawn

Making your home feel cosy by closing your curtains at dusk can also prevent heat from escaping through the windows.

Draughts are common around windows and doors, so ensuring you have sufficiently sealed windows and draught excluders covering gaps on your doors can help stop heat from inside your home escaping.

Letterbox draught excluders are a great trick to sealing the gaping hole in your door, as well as draught excluders which can go over your pet-flap, making your home more comfortable.

Buy a rug

Having a rug down will not only make the room look lovely, but it can help stop heat escaping from right under your feet.

Free your radiators

Moving furniture placed directly in front of your radiators can help warmth to circulate around the room better. Using your radiators to dry clothes is an expensive method, but buying a clothes airer and placing it near will ensure your clothes dry without making your boiler work harder to maintain the temperature of your home.

Upgrade your boiler

Depending on the efficiency of your current boiler, you could save up to £305 annually in fuel bills by upgrading to an A-rated boiler! An A-rated boiler works to the same efficiency as other boilers in heating your home, but uses less energy to do so. YES Energy Solutions’ are currently installing A-rated Worcester Bosch boiler upgrades, which come with a 2-10 year warranty.

Direct heat inside

Using a sheet of card wrapped in tinfoil can reflect heat back in to the room. Placed behind the radiator, the foil will push heat back towards the radiator rather than in to yours walls, which can assist your radiators in heating up faster and maintaining their warmth.

Dinner’s ready – extra heat

Once your dinner’s cooked and your oven’s off, why close the door and waste that extra heat? Keep it open to let the extra heat circulate the room.

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