Air Source Heat Pump - FAQs

Air Source Heat Pump

How long will the job take?

Depending on how large your system is and the access to your property, timescales can vary for an Air Source Heat Pump installation. Typically most installations are completed within 2 working days once a survey has been carried out.

Is my property suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump?

This depends on the fuel you currently use to heat your home, the level of insulation already in your property and the amount of space you have available for the installation. You will need adequate space outside your home for the heat pump to be fitted on a wall or on the ground. It will need plenty of space around it to get a good flow of air.

How much will I look to save with an Air Source Heat Pump?

How much you can save will depend on what size of system you use, as well as what you are replacing it with. Your savings will be affected by your heat distribution system (under floor heating maybe more efficient than radiators because the water doesn’t need to be as hot), your current fuel and your current energy consumption.

Is it difficult to maintain?

No, it’s quite simple. You are advised to regularly check that the air inlet grill and evaporator are free of leaves and debris.

Do I need planning permission?

Air Source Heat Pump Installations may be considered ‘Permitted Development’, so you probably won’t need planning permission. However, it is always advisable to check with your local planning office first.

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