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CIC Report 2022 - 2023

A summary of YES Energy Solutions' community interest activities across the 2022-2023 financial year.

From energy advice schemes to charity fundraisers, learn about how YES is giving back to the community and alleviating fuel poverty by downloading or viewing the PDF document below.

Or if you'd like your own copy of the report, you can follow the link above to download it as a PDF.

Great British Insulation Scheme guide

YES Energy Solutions has created a guide for industry experts and installers on the GBIS scheme, formerly known as ECO+.

The guide contains useful information on the new eligibility criteria, measures available under the scheme and more.

For a full in depth breakdown on GBIS please download the guide through the link above.

ECO4 guide - made for installers

YES Energy Solutions has created a guide for installers, following the new phase of ECO, ECO4.

This guide contains useful information for installers, whether you are installing through ECO for the first time or making the transition from ECO3 to ECO4.

It breaks down official Ofgem information into easy to understand, bitesize pieces of information and acts as a good point of reference at any point of installation.

ECO+ consultation summary

YES Energy Solutions has created a summary of the ECO+ consultations, going over the fundamentals of ECO+ and how it can fit into current schemes.

While some details of ECO+ are yet to be finalised, the guide gives useful context into how ECO+ may be utilised going forwards, and how it differs from ECO4.

How ECO3 funding can benefit local authorities

YES Energy Solutions once again worked with APSE Energy to produce a guide to the updates to the Energy Company Obligation for local authorities.

The guide was published in August 2019, and outlines all the changes to the ECO scheme, along with tips and advice on how to best utilise funding.

Strip down all the confusing jargon with this guide and learn how ECO works, what schemes are trying to achieve and how local authorities can play a larger role in reducing fuel poverty in their area.

The guide contains:

  • An explanation of ECO
  • A run down of the changes in the scheme
  • How funding is distributed
  • How local authorities can access funding

LA Flex guide for local authorities

Learn how to use Flexible Eligibility in the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme to fund energy efficiency measures for residents.

This guide covers includes an overview of LA Flex and explains how to write a Statement of Intent for the scheme and the processes involved.

Consultation Response:

ECO3 Consultation - improving consumer protection

In August 2019 YES Energy Solutions responded to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's consultation on improving consumer protection in ECO3.

The consultation proposed the introduction of the TrustMark Government Endorsed Quality scheme into ECO3 to provide extra customer protection and guarantees.

Additional proposals revolved around the way first-time central heating was treated in the scheme.

Research Project on Fuel poor households with no central heating in North Yorkshire.

YES Energy Solutions conducted a study to identify householders with no central heating facilities that are most likely to be living in fuel poverty in Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough and Selby.

The research was commissioned by Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire to identify fuel poor households with no central heating facilities in seven Local Authority areas in North Yorkshire.

Published in June 2018, the project was designed to help Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire and partner Councils gain a better understanding of fuel poverty levels in their areas and to understand where central heating measures could be implemented and funded via various national fuel poverty alleviation funds.

ECO Funding for Local Authorities
A simple guide to the Government's ECO scheme

ECO Funding for Local Authorities guide

YES Energy Solutions is working in partnership with APSE Energy–an influential network of Local Authorities. Together we have updated our simple ‘how to’ guide to help Local Authorities learn about the benefits of introducing their own ECO initiatives.

The guide was originally published in 2013 and can be accessed below. Due to changes in Government initiative, we have worked with APSE to bring our ECO guide up to date.

The main purpose of the Guide is to strip down all the confusing technical jargon and simply explain how ECO works, what each scheme is trying to achieve and how Local Authorities can get involved.

The Guide includes information on:

  • How ECO funding is distributed
  • Qualifying criteria for ECO funding - who is eligible?
  • Social Housing opportunities - available for the first time
  • Blended funding opportunities
  • The future of ECO

What is ECO and Green Deal?
A simple guide for Local Authorities

YES Energy Solutions worked with APSE Energy back in 2015 to create a guide around ECO and Green Deal initiatives, to help Local Authorities learn about the benefits of introducing their own ECO and Green Deal initiatives.

The schemes were set up by the Government to help homeowners fund energy saving measures, and although ECO is still live, The Green Deal initiative closed in 2017 and is no longer available.

The main purpose of the Guide was to explain how the funding streams work, what each scheme is trying to achieve, and how Local Authorities can get involved.

The guide includes information on:

  • The ECO funding criteria
  • The Green Deal Golden rule
  • Why Local Authorities should get involved

Consultation Response:
ECO3 Consultation

YES Energy Solutions' response to the ECO3 consultation

In April 2018, YES Energy Solutions responded to a consultation from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) about changes to ECO.

We analysed the impact of proposed changes such as the removal of the carbon reduction emissions target and changes to benefit eligibility.

Read the full Consultation and BEIS's Response

Consultation Response:
Cutting the Cost of Keeping Warm

In October 2014, YES Energy Solutions responded to a consultation from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) about developing a new fuel poverty strategy for England.

We gave examples of the barriers and issues affecting fuel poor households and gave our opinion on how best to develop a policy to eradicate fuel poverty at a national level.

Read the full Consultation and DECC's Response

Consultation Response:
Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme Review

In September 2014, YES Energy Solutions submitted a consultation response to review Ofgem’s Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme.

The scheme helps vulnerable residents switch over to natural gas to heat their homes by providing financial support towards their domestic gas connections. Natural gas is a cheaper domestic fuel compared to LPG, oil and old-fashioned electric heating.

In our consultation response we set out our views on how the scheme could be made more efficient as to better target those living in fuel poverty.
View the findings of the full Consultation Response

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