YES' commentary on the fuel poverty crisis Sep 07, 2022

Statistically, the UK is facing significant fuel poverty, with energy bills rising to record numbers.

Energy bills are up to nearly three times higher than they were the previous winter, and statistics are showing how this will take its toll on a large number of residents across the country.

Fuel poverty is defined by household income, fuel costs and energy efficiency of homes. With the cost of everyday items rising as well as those energy bills, it is no surprise that so many will be affected this year.

If a household spends 10% or more of its income on energy bills, they are considered to be in fuel poverty.

It is currently estimated that over half of UK households could be in fuel poverty this year, or more than 12 million.

"The impact of this will be devastating."

In an interview with This Morning, Martin Lewis commented on the consequences this will have, stating: "Lifestyles will be substantially curtailed by this energy rise... The impact of this will be devastating."

A spokesperson for the End Fuel Poverty Coalition stated: “The households affected in these numbers all face a real risk of making daily economic sacrifices that compromise their standard of living, with many of them at risk of health complications."

The health complications mentioned by the End Fuel Poverty Coalition are said to be part of the reason why 80 people die per day in winter due to a cold home, with that number set to rise this winter.

Fighting fuel poverty

When asked to comment on the current crisis, CEO of YES Energy Solutions Duncan McCombie, stated:
"We understand the monumental effect fuel poverty will have on households this winter."

"It is our mission, now more than ever, to lower energy bills across the country and fight fuel poverty for as many people as possible."

We urge anyone who is struggling to get in touch with us, their supplier, or Citizens Advice Service.

You can view our comprehensive energy advice guide here.

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