YES staff visit SUEZ recycling plant Apr 05, 2019

STAFF from YES Energy Solutions took a trip to SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK in Huddersfield.

STAFF from YES Energy Solutions took a trip to SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK in Huddersfield on Monday April 1.

Several team members from all departments were taken round the plant on the informative tour, with SUEZ recycling and recovery staff explaining how they specialise in extracting value from waste.



Thomas Hoyle, YES Energy Solution's SHEQ Compliance Officer, organised the visit to SUEZ who handles the business' waste.

"The visit at the SUEZ facility was informative and eye opening to the sheer quantity of waste produced in such a minute area of the world.

"However, it’s comforting to know that 99% of waste brought into the building is either recycled or recovered in the form of energy."

"The stat that sticks in my head the most is that from running the general waste recovery system for 1 hour, it produces enough KW to power 40,000 homes!"

SUEZ say that their methods are key to sustainability and providing the most cost-effective service possible.

The recycling company burns waste in kilns to generate power to heat homes and businesses.

The highly engineered waste treatment facilities waste is managed in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Duncan McCombie, CEO of YES Energy Solutions, said:

"This visit re-enforces our company values to think and act sustainably in everything we do."

"By using SUEZ to dispose of our waste, we hope to have the least impact on the environment as possible by minimising our contribution to landfill."

YES Energy Solutions hope to arrange a further visit to the recycling plant later in the year.

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