New Cashback Scheme for Home Efficiency May 22, 2014


The Government is set to launch the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund - a new cashback incentive for homeowners who invest in their property’s energy efficiency.

The scheme, titled the ‘Green Deal Home Improvement Fund’ enables residents that pay for energy saving measures, like insulation and heating, to claim money back. For products such as external solid wall insulation, homeowners could claim back as much as £6,000.

Any installation carried out under the scheme must be installed by a Green Deal accredited organisation. The fund opens in June and works on a first come first served basis.

YES Energy Solutions are already helping homeowners in Almondbury (Huddersfield), Farnborough and Skipton take advantage of the new scheme. The company is currently running a series of domestic efficency campaigns to promote the benefits of external solid wall insulation.

YES Energy Solutions’ Business Development Manager, Beverley Thorp explained:

"At the start of the year there were lots of grants available for people to invest in external wall insulation, but unfortunately the funding rates have dropped. We are delighted that the Government has now launched the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This will certainly help residents cover the majority of the installation costs. Many of them will be able to claim up to £6,000 Cackback towards the work.

"External solid wall insulation not only helps people save energy but it can also dramatically improve the visual appearance of a property. Thanks to the new scheme, people can improve the look and feel of their homes without breaking the bank!"

Almondbury resident, Angela Berry recently had wall insulation installed by YES Energy Solutions and is already feeling the benefits. She explained:

"It used to be so cold in the house. We would put the fire on all the time, even through the summer. Since the walls were done it’s been the opposite. We rarely have the heating on and everything just feels more comfortable.

"I’ve noticed that lots of other properties in the estate have also had walls insulated. Once people see what it looks like they all want to get involved. I think it’s a good thing and makes the whole area look a lot brighter."

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is one of the schemes launched to support the UK’s national carbon reduction target. Under the 2008 Climate Change Act, the Government has stated that it will reduce the country’s carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

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