COP26 underway but how can householders help reduce climate change Nov 03, 2021

COP26 (conference of parties) is taking place in Glasgow this week but what can you do to help reduce climate change?

The annual COP26 (conference of parties) is taking place in Glasgow this week with governments aiming to find a response to the climate emergency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cop26 marks this year as the 26th iteration after the meeting being postponed due to Covid-19, and opened on the 31 October.

The meeting is to consist of more than 120 world leaders for the first few days, with each of them attempting to agree upon a way to slow or mitigate climate change.

The total number of delegates is set to reach 25,000 people, all with the aim of creating meaningful change.

The best outcome of the conference is to introduce policies that will reduce emissions to fall in line with the 1.5C target.

The current target is based on scientists estimates that emissions must be reduced by 45% by 2030 and then onto net zero by 2050 in order to have a chance of remaining within the 1.5C threshold.

What you can do to help reduce your carbon emissions

Householders can reduce their impact on climate change by improving the energy efficiency of their home to reduce CO2 emissions.

By installing either external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation or loft insulation you can reduce the loss of heat through your walls of roof.

By preventing the loss of warm air during winter, the amount of energy you need for heating is reduced.

You can also lower your greenhouse gas emissions through day to day changes that involve car sharing, walking or walking more often or using public transport or upgrading your car to an electric model.

There is also the option to change your diet, by avoiding meat and dairy products you can help reduce one of the largest environmental impacts on the planet.

An easy switch is to choose fresh, seasonal produce that is grown locally you help cut carbon emissions from transportation.

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