Breaking the stigma: YES staff on World Mental Health Day 2022 Oct 10, 2022

On Monday 10th October 2022, YES staff came together to discuss the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Various departments within the company including Marketing, ECO, Projects and IT, joined in our 'Breaking the stigma workshop'.

Our CEO Duncan McCombie and Commercial director Alex Wilkes joined in the meeting, giving useful insight and reassurance as senior members of the team.

Alex reflected on his previous training within mental health, while Duncan encouraged staff to include their managers in their mental health journeys, to create a plan and work through the issues as a team:

"My approach to mental health is breaking down the stigma - a broken head is just as important as a broken arm. It needs to be recognised and healed."

From going over the basics to looking at psychological theory, staff shared and learned important facts about mental health.

Shocking statistics

Projects administrator Tierni attended the workshop, stating:

"I was shocked by the statistics and feel like I now have a greater understanding of mental health issues."

When presented with statistics, staff learned that mental health issues are far more common than they originally thought.

For example, four out of 100 people are diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder on any given day.

Breaking the stigma

Marketing apprentice Chloe ran the session, urging the importance of reaching out:

"Mental health is important every day of the week, but today is a good opportunity to share some useful resources so people can recognise there is support available.

"If you find yourself struggling, be bold. Take that first step knowing there is no shame behind it and speak out. You never know who you may inspire by doing so."

You can access some of the resources we found below:

MindPlan quiz: 5 simple questions to a practical wellbeing plan

NHS Depression and anxiety self-assessment test

Shout mental health textline: For talking to someone when you are struggling

NationalSuicide Prevention Helpline: For help with thoughts of suicide

Andy’s Man Club: Support groups nationwide for men struggling with their mental health

The Silver Line: 24-hour telephone service for over 55s who want emotional support

The Mix: Various methods of support for under 25s

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