Mr & Mrs Artus - External Wall Insulation

It’s Nice to Have a Warm Home

Former stunt car driver, Nigel Artus explains how external wall insulation has helped him and his wife reduce their fuel consumption.

"My wife found out about home insulation grants on the internet and we thought we would check it out. We applied for a scheme that YES Energy Solutions were involved in. We were really pleased with the work they did. It certainly feels warmer in our house now."

Originally from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, Nigel settled in Leeds and has lived in his semi-detached home for the last 10 years. Unfortunately Nigel’s health is not what it once was, so keeping the house warm and comfortable is essential.

"It’s nice to have a warm home and not have to walk around with 2 or 3 pullovers on. We used to have the heating on quite regularly. But since the insulation was applied we can leave it off and the house stays warm. I put it on for half an hour this morning and it’s still warm hours later. This time last year I was spending about £110 a month on fuel, so I already know I’m making a saving."

Not only has the insulation improved the thermal values of Nigel’s home, but helped brighten up his external walls.

"It’s improved the look of the property immensely. It looks so much better. I used to get the house painted every couple of years, but now I don’t need to. Since having the work done lots of people in the neighbourhood have stopped by to take a look and some of them have even got their own home's insulated."

Nigel was an early adopter of a local ECO scheme running in the area and was one of the few customers to receive a full insulation grant.

"Due to my health, I didn’t have anything to pay. We were very grateful for the opportunity as it has already been of great benefit."

Nigel was pleased with the whole installation process and is now enjoying relaxing in his comfortable energy efficient home.

"The installers that came were great. A really nice crew and blooming hard workers! They hardly stopped at all and certainly put in the hours. They were very, very good... I just couldn’t fault them."

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