Doreen Douglas - External Wall Insulation

Doreen Douglas from Almondbury (Huddersfield) explains how getting external solid wall insulation installed in her home has helped keep her one year old son cosy and warm.

"Before the work was done, my house used to leak heat. But when my son Eden was born, it made me think more about keeping the house comfortable. My Mum has got external wall insulation and it seemed like a good idea, so I decided to go for it. The team from YES Energy Solutions cracked on and worked really hard. It looks a lot nicer outside now, especially round the back. It’s certainly made a difference."

Working as an accountant, Doreen has always kept an eye on her energy bills. Having lived in her home for over 7 years she had certainly noticed the steady increase in the price of fuel.

"I’m a cost conscious person and tend to shop around for energy providers to get the best deals, but year on year my bills were getting more and more expensive. I wanted to keep on top of it. It used to get really bad here in the winter, so much so that we would leave the heating on all night. As an adult you just make do, but now I have a child I want to make sure the house is right for him."

Doreen was actively looking for an installer and had already been contacted by a number of insulation companies. However, due to changes with different funding streams things never progressed.

"I got a few leaflets pushed through the door. One company even came out to check the walls and told me I could get the work done for free, but then never got back to me. I tried calling them back but they told me they could no longer help. 
"When I contacted YES Energy Solutions a guy came out and said I could get a grant towards some of the work and also a chance to take out an interest free loan through Kirklees Council. It seemed like a good deal."

Doreen took advantage of the offer and took out a loan to split the cost of her external wall insulation in manageable monthly instalments.

"I thought that if its interest free, then it’s worth going for! I hardly notice the payments going out now so it has been beneficial. I would have probably got it done without the loan anyway as I knew it certainly needed doing."

Before the insulation was installed, Doreen’s house was covered in pebble dash which had started to crack and crumble due to bad weather.

Having seen the cream finish on her mother’s property up the road, Doreen was keen to get her walls transformed.

"Quite a few houses round here have been insulated and they just look so much better. Our walls were damaged with holes everywhere. The surveyor from YES Energy Solutions showed me a range of colours to choose from. 
"I didn’t want anything too garish and I felt that white might show up dirt and dust. I chose a nice light cream finish which has certainly improved the property's visual appearance and also fits in with others on the street.
"The house feels warmer and looks better, in fact the whole area is starting to look nicer. I think getting the work done makes people think more about looking after their properties. The team didn’t mess around and worked really hard. I have already passed on YES Energy Solutions' contact details to my neighbours who are now considering having the work done."

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