Angela Berry - External Wall Insulation

'I couldn’t have wished for a better set of builders!'

Mother of three, Angela Berry had external solid wall insulation installed on her Huddersfield home by YES Energy Solutions. She explains what a difference the work has made to the look and feel of her property:

"The people next door were away on holiday when we had our walls done and when they came back they were astounded by how nice everything looks. They said that our house is absolutely stunning. They are now considering getting external insulation fitted."

YES Energy Solutions completed Angela’s installation as part of a community wide insulation scheme in the Almondbury area of Huddersfield.

"We were really happy with the workmen that came. Very professional, likeable lads! They kept us up to date with everything that was going on, worked really hard, spoke to the kids and tidied up after themselves. We couldn’t fault them really. You could tell they enjoyed what they were doing. I couldn’t have wished for a better set of builders."

Having lived in the property for over 20 years, Angela has certainly noticed a difference since the insulation was installed.

"It used to be so cold in the house. We would put the fire on all the time, even through the summer. Since the walls were done it’s been the opposite. We rarely have the heating on and everything just feels more comfortable. You can definitely tell the difference, especially upstairs in the boys’ bedrooms. Its just a nice temperature now whereas before we were covering ourselves in blankets."

Angela’s husband got in touch with YES Energy Solutions after researching the benefits of external solid wall insulation.

"We knew the walls needed patching up. They were falling apart and just looked shabby. We used to have a porch on the outside, but when we took that down you could just see bits and pieces falling off. We were having other work done in the house so we thought we may as well get everything sorted at the same time. We wanted to try and keep our energy bills down and tidy up the outside walls. External insulation has allowed us to do both together!"

Since investing in external solid wall insulation, Angela has noticed the trend spreading across the Almondbury community.

"During the fitting, loads of people were coming up to the workmen to collect contact details. I’ve noticed that lots of other properties in the estate have also had walls insulated. Once people see what it looks like they all want to get involved. I think it’s a good thing and makes the whole area look a lot brighter.
"A lady that works with me down at the school has also had her house insulated and she said the same as me – just how nice it looks and how it has been worth doing.
"Anything to help save money in the home is worth getting if you ask me. I would 100% recommend YES Energy Solutions. They did a great job!"

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