Alan Douglas - External Wall Insulation

'I can’t believe how quiet the house is now that the walls have been insulated'

Having seen the difference external solid wall insulation had made to several properties in the neighbourhood, Alan Douglas from Almondbury (Huddersfield) decided to get in touch with YES Energy Solutions to find out how he could also add value to his home. He explained:

"I noticed that lots of people in our area were having their walls done. YES Energy Solutions were working on a few homes near our street, so I thought I’d get in touch.

"Getting the work done has made such a difference. The whole appearance of the house has changed for the better. It really has been an asset."

Not only does Alan’s home look a lot brighter, but the insulation has also helped soundproof the property.

"It’s quite a busy street where we live, especially when it’s the school run. But I can’t believe how quiet the house is now that the walls have been insulated. Especially in the living room. I can’t even hear my next door neighbour going out anymore. It’s fantastic!"

Alan was impressed with YES Energy Solutions' attitude and work ethic.

"I had a good team working for me. A bunch of good lads. They were just really pleasant and helpful…especially Simon the team manager. He always said that if I had any problems just to get back in touch and he would sort it out. It was great to get that personal service. They even carried my wife’s shopping in for her on one occasion. That’s the kind of workers you want.
"YES Energy Solutions kept in touch with me throughout the whole process. I think that’s very important. They didn’t just leave the job, they kept coming back to check that everything was right.
"They did lots of things that impressed me. My letterbox is flush up to the side of the wall. So they cut a piece of insulation to fit round it and turned the letterbox round so that it opened from the outside in the correct position. Little things like that made us feel good about the work."

Originally from Scotland, Alan moved to the Huddersfield area 37 years ago. He had noticed that every winter his house would get more and more weathered. External solid wall insulation was the best solution.

"We are very exposed up here in Almondbury and these can be very cold houses. The pebble dashing was deteriorating on the walls and falling off everywhere. It was a right mess. Every winter when there was a frost, it would just crumble.
"It was a case of finding the best solution to save money in the long term and improve the appearance of the house.
"By getting the walls covered over makes such a difference. The house looks better and the insulation keeps it warmer! When I put my heating on, I turn it down pretty quickly afterwards. I can sit in the living room now without a jumper on and it just feels pleasant."

Alan was also able to receive cashback from the Government to reduce the cost of his installation.

"We didn’t quite have enough in the bank, so the cashback was welcomed. When I registered for the scheme there were a few changes to the funding, but I didn’t mind paying towards the work as I saw it as an investment. I liked the fact that I was contributed something, rather than grabbing everything for nothing. I would imagine that it will add about £8,000 to the value of the house."

Having seen and felt the benefits of external solid wall insulation, Alan has started encouraging his friends and neighbours to also make an investment.

"I couldn’t recommend getting the walls done high enough to anybody. It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s worth paying that little bit of extra money to get it done. It’s the best thing they’ve brought out. The benefits are plain to see!"

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