The Shaws - Gas Boiler Replacement

Mary and Tony Shaw from Lindley (Huddersfield), asked YES Energy Solutions to upgrade their 13 year old boiler after seeing their energy bills creep up year after year.

The couple moved into their bungalow in 2003 to downsize following their retirement, but having experienced several cold winters they were getting very concerned about the overall efficiency of their heating system. Mary explained:

"We knew that our boiler wasn’t as efficient as it should be and we did think that our bills were a bit on the high side - especially for a smaller property. Our average payment for gas was about £70 a month. 
"We found that last winter we were having to be very conservative with our heating, so consequently we weren’t as warm as we would have liked to have been. We thought that if we got a more cost effective boiler then that would help us stay on top of things."

Mary got in touch with YES Energy Solutions who quoted for a brand new A-rated condensing boiler. With winter just around the corner, the Shaw’s knew that it was time to get the upgrade.

"The engineer that came was a lovely guy. He worked very efficiently, got on with the job and talked about what he was doing so we knew where he was up to. He did have a small complication with one of the fixings, but came back straight away the next day to put it right which was no bother at all. He answered all of our questions and did a great job.
"The electrician was absolutely spot on and he left us a number and said that if we had any concerns or queries just to get back in touch. We actually rang him a few days later to ask how we could override the boiler. 
"He was really helpful and put our mind at ease straight away. He told us to contact him at any time if we needed any more help with the system. We really appreciated that level of customer service!"

Prior to the installation, the Shaw’s had signed up to a servicing contract with British Gas. But they were concerned that they were paying over the odds for cover they didn’t really need.

"Our old boiler was so ancient that they couldn’t get any new parts for it anymore' explained Tony. 'We were paying out £18 a month for boiler cover, but knew that sooner or later we would need to change the whole system anyway. 

"It made sense to cancel the contract with British Gas, as we knew we could get an affordable, energy efficient boiler installed with an extended warranty. That in itself helps pay for the boiler and covers any maintenance costs, so we don’t need to pay out any additional fees."

Thanks to a recent Government incentive called the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, the Shaw’s managed to claim some money back for their boiler installation. Mary said:

"We received £1000 cashback! That meant an awful lot to us…I mean that’s the price of a holiday isn’t it. We were lucky to get it as well, as the scheme closed the day after we registered. Getting some money back was a great benefit, it hit the nail on the head!"

The Shaw’s are now enjoying the benefits of a more efficient heating system and are confident that they will save money on fuel in the future.

"Straight away we noticed how quickly the hot water came on. We don’t have to run taps as long, as everything heats up much quicker. Our house is connected to a water meter, and anyone that has one will know just how keen they are. So thanks to our new boiler we are actually saving money on water as well as gas, as we’re not wasting as much waiting for it to heat up!"

The Shaw’s have always been devoted energy savers and having fitted their home with insulation, double glazing and now a new condensing boiler, they are fully prepared to face the winter.

"Saving energy is a big thing for us. We are on a fixed income, because that's exactly what it becomes when you retire. You live to your means and your means don’t stretch as energy prices go up and up. We certainly feel we’ve done the right thing by investing in a more energy efficient boiler.
"We would certainly recommend YES Energy Solutions. In fact we have already told some of our friends and family to get in touch. It was quite funny really as we even recommended them to British Gas when we cancelled our servicing contract. They asked us who we had gone with, and we said YES!"

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