Aarti Patel - External Wall Insulation

Aarti and husband Yatin live with their children in Lincolnshire and had external wall insulation installed through our Lincolnshire LAD2 scheme, in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council.

When asked about how she got involved in the scheme, Aarti detailed her experience with a letter from her local council.

“We never expected it to go as smoothly as it has. We got a letter from the council about the scheme saying we’d need to pay a third of the price, but when they found out our income they said they could do it completely free.”

She then went on to describe home life before installation.

“Before the installation it was nowhere near as warm. As a family we’re used a hotter climate, and I was always worried about keeping my son warm. We were always cuddling up and wrapping up in blankets.”

Next, Aarti told us the various ways her home has improved, from opening up the space she can use to keeping her children warm.

“It’s much cosier now, we don’t often switch on the heating. Our quality of life has definitely improved. We’re dead pleased. With the energy prices rising it’s been a blessing in disguise, we feel really lucky. We only turn the heating on now if it’s frosty, and it really does save on our bills, we don’t spend as much on gas. Our conservatory used to be freezing cold, but now that’s been insulated we can use that in the winter.

“I’m really pleased with the overall look and the colour of the insulation.”

Finally, she explained her customer service journey and how she plans to continue her relationship with YES Energy Solutions.

“The customer call team was very nice, I had no problems. The installers were great, they just got on with everything and didn’t really bother us, even though they were working in cold weather. It was really fast as well.

“I would absolutely recommend it to people. I’m going to try and get my mum involved and see if she qualifies to get her house done.”

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