June Wood - Central Heating System

North Lincolnshire & North East Lincolnshire Council are working with YES Energy Solutions to install energy saving measures across the area, after securing funding through the Warm Homes Fund.

Wootton resident, June Wood, who had a fully funded gas central heating system fitted through the scheme tells us how, after 66 years, her house now feels like a home thanks to the North and North East Lincolnshire Warm Homes Fund:

“My house has always been a cold home. The only heating I had was an electric fire in the living room which only warmed this room, so we always felt like we had to stay in this one room.

“Usually at this time of year I’d be really conscious of how much electricity I was using. The period between January-March was always really expensive, and always shot our annual bill to well over £1,000.

“I live with my sister Sandra, and because she’s ill she often goes to bed early, so I was forced to switch the fire off early in the evening. I didn’t see a point in having it running just for me when I knew how much it was costing, so I’d wrap myself up in blankets to keep warm.”

June had her new gas central heating system fitted last October, and she’s already felt the impact:

“It’s like a different house now and everyone who comes to visit us has noticed.

"We can afford to keep the heating on all day because it’s much cheaper than using the electric heaters, so every room in the house is warm and we’ve even felt the difference in our hot water.

“Even our cats are happy – they’ll often be curled up cosy near the radiators, and we’ve got more space in the cupboard now after the water immersion heaters were taken out. I’m so grateful with all the help that we’ve received.”

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