Elaine Brophy – Central Heating System & Loft Insulation

Elaine Brophy has lived in her property for 35 years, and relied on a gas fire in her living room as the only way of generating extra warmth for her home.

After seeing an advertisement on social media regarding funding for central heating system installations, Elaine applied for the North and North East Lincolnshire Warm Homes Fund scheme.

North Lincolnshire & North East Lincolnshire Council are working with YES Energy Solutions to deploy the energy saving measures across the area, after securing funding through the Warm Homes Fund. She tells us why she wishes she knew what help was available sooner:

“Before the installations, the main problem I had was with my health. It really worried me that my cold home was effecting me in that way.

“I suffer from asthma, and the chill in my home made it a lot worse. I suffered from a lot of flare-ups and last winter was particularly bad, especially first thing in a morning when I was getting out of bed and I hadn’t had chance to turn on the heater.

“But I’ve already felt a massive difference, and my asthma attacks have reduced significantly.

“Because I’ve never had a central heating system fitted in this house and the extra heating I had only heated one room to a comfortable temperature, I was grateful that the surveyors provided me with lots of information on the benefits of the new system.

Elaine also benefited from funding for loft insulation, and she tells us how the loft insulation and her new energy efficient boiler work together to keep her home cosy.

“Everything was explained to me throughout the process, including how the loft insulation can trap heat in, which meant the extra warmth from the central heating system wouldn’t escape as quickly.

“I think the funding available is absolutely excellent - I would have enquired about having the measures fitted sooner if I knew what help was available.”

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