What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump is an external unit that extracts heat from the air outside and channels it into your home at a higher temperature.

A liquid is heated and circulated throughout the house by linking to existing radiators, underfloor heating to provide heating as well as hot water.

Technology advancements have allowed units to work in cold conditions and can extract heat in temperatures as low as -15 degrees.

How effective are air source heat pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps tend to provide heat at a lower temperature compared to more traditional heating systems such as gas or oil boilers.

This means that during colder spells, you might need to keep the unit running over longer periods of time to effectively heat your property.

Units that link to oversized radiators or under floor heating provide the best results, as they work more effectively with a lower heat output.

Even though air source heat pumps take longer to reach target temperatures, they typically use less energy and can achieve consistent comfort levels more economically.

Types of air source heat pumps

There are two different types of Air Source Heat Pumps – Air to Water Systems and Air to Air Systems.

There are also Hybrid Heat Pumps that can work in conjunction with your existing heating system.

Air to water heat pump

Air to Water Heat Pumps are the most common systems, as they power your wet central heating system and can provide both heat and hot water if required.

Air to air heat pump

Air to Air Heat Pumps only provide space heating and do not work with central heating systems.

Warm air is channelled via the external unit to an internal wall mounted component that projects heat throughout the house via a fan.

Some units can also be used for air conditioning during the summer months.

Hybrid air source heat pump

Hybrid heat pump systems can either be air to air or air to water constructions. They are designed to work in parallel with existing heating systems.

Are air source heat pumps a renewable form of energy?

Air Source Heat Pumps are powered by your electricity supply, however the heat is extracted from 100% renewable energy.

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