Money Saving Boiler Challenge

Are you getting the most out of your boiler?

A study by Salford University suggests that thousands of households across the UK could make big savings on their energy bills by making one small change to their boilers.

Those with a combi-boiler could save £112 a year on average, or nearly £10 a month, by setting the flow temperature at 60°C.

With the majority of boilers set at higher levels of around 70° to 80°C, Nesta are advising energy customers to make the change through the Money Saving Boiler Challenge.

How does this work?

Customers looking to make the change can access the walkthrough, which provides step-by-step instructions with clear diagrams.

Changing the flow temperature does not make a difference to the hot water available through taps and showers, and while it does change the temperature of the water that goes to your radiators, the difference is not usually too noticeable.

At 60°C, your boiler will be in condensing mode, meaning it will run more efficiently.

Your boiler can also go lower than 60°C, meaning you could make larger savings if you turn the temperature down more during Spring and Summer.

Plus, with the guidance available it is an easy fix, meaning you can always turn it back up if you feel it is affecting the heat of your home.

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