Is an air source heat pump the right heating system for me?

Is an air source heat pump the right heating system for me?

Air source heat pumps are best suited to properties off the mains gas network, or for homes that have available wall space with a steady air flow.

Depending on the size of your property, you may find that a double unit is required to satisfy your heat demand, however you should consider other factors that may influence if an air source heat pump system is right for you.

1. You must have outside space for the air source heat pump unit

Air Source Heat Pumps are typically installed on one of your property’s external walls (however they can be installed in other areas e.g. next to garages). The external unit will either be wall mounted or sited on the ground on a plinth.

For the best results, there needs to be plenty of space around the unit with no obstructions to allow for maximum air flow.

2. Your home needs to be well insulated

Air Source Heat Pumps operate at a lower temperature than more traditional heating systems - they channel heat slowly over longer periods of time.

If your home is property insulated, you will be able to retain this heat and enjoy the benefits of a lower cost renewable heating source.

Without insulation, you could find that the system doesn’t produce enough heat to satisfy your thermal comfort.

3. You will only benefit by replacing inefficient heating systems

Air Source Heat Pumps are most effective when replacing electric heating, LPG or coal based heating systems.

However, if you currently use mains gas or have a modem oil boiler, you may find that the savings don’t add up.

4. You plan to link the heat pumps with an efficient heat distributing system

For the best results, air source heat pumps are best suited to an underfloor heating system as they only require a lower heat output. However the use of oversized radiators can still provide efficient heating.

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