Green Deal Installer Criteria

Installer Criteria

Specifications for Green Deal Installers

Here is a list of all the requirements you need to become a fully functioning Green Deal Installer:

  • Register for the Green Deal framework with a valid accreditation body
  • Achieve the PAS 2030 standard against the measures you wish to install
  • Work with training operatives to ensure all your staff are Green Deal ready
  • Gain certification through the official Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body
  • Attain the Green Deal Quality Mark
  • Connect to a leading Green Deal Provider

To enable installers of energy efficiency measures to take part in Government backed schemes such as the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO), they must undergo the Green Deal certification process. This includes attaining a valid certificate from a Green Deal accreditation body to show that your organisation meets the requirements outlined in PAS 2030 for the measures you plan to install.

All installers must abide by the conditions stated in the Green Deal Code of Practice. This will be issued to installers as part of the accreditation process.

PAS 2030

All Green Deal installers must meet the PAS 2030 standard for the measures they install if they want to work on Government backed schemes such as ECO.

PAS 2030 stands for ‘Publicly Available Specification PAS 2030:2012’ and is a quality requirement for the installation of energy saving measures in existing buildings.

To achieve PAS 2030, an accreditation body will work with your company and monitor the installation process for each Green Deal measure you wish to facilitate.

They will also check your management processes and examine the quality of the services you provide to your customers.

Green Deal Accreditation Bodies

Register with a Green Deal Accreditation body

Green Deal Installers must be registered with one of the official UK accreditation bodies to complete the PAS 2030 standard. There are several accreditation bodies that operate in the UK that offer PAS 2030 certification. Please note that not all of these bodies cover the full list of Green Deal measures.

You will need to choose a relevant body that covers the measures you wish to facilitate.

See a full list of official Green Deal accreditation bodies

Once you have completed the PAS 2030 process, your accreditation partner will register you with the official Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body. This will mean you will be officially recognised as a Green Deal Installer and be issued a Green Deal accreditation certificate.

If you have any questions regarding this registration and authorisation process, you can contact the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GEMSERV) directly on their website.

Green Deal Quality Mark

Once an installer has become Green Deal certified, they will be able to use the Green Deal Quality Mark. Your accreditation body will licence the mark to you following your completed application.

Only authorised companies will be able to promote themselves as Green Deal Installers and use the Green Deal Quality Mark on all relevant documents and marketing literature.

Gas Safe & MCS Accredited

If you are a Gas Safe registered installer or a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), your Green Deal accreditation may be slightly different for certain measures.

PAS 2030 has similar requirements to both Gas Safe and MCS, therefore you may be able to speed up the Green Deal accreditation process by adding details to your existing policies.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) advise that you contact your existing Gas Safe or MCS certification body, providing they are Green Deal certified, to fill the gaps and complete your Green Deal accreditation.

Green Deal Training

There are many training routes available for Green Deal Installers to meet the PAS 2030 standard. Specialist agencies across the UK offer effective training programmes that cover all the measures identified under the Green Deal framework.

The Green Deal Provider and manager of YES Installer Network, YES Energy Solutions is working directly with the Green Skills Alliance to help installers up skill their workforces and find relevant Green Deal training providers.

If you’re organisation is interested in training routes and courses in construction skills and project management, visit our: Green Deal Training Webpage.

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