Guidance on ​Green Homes Grant quotes

Guidance on ​Green Homes Grant quotes

The scheme is hyper sensitive to suspected fraud, therefore all installers are being required to be more transparent with what is included in their quotations.

It is vital that specific details are included about the measures being installed.

For example, more detail would be required than 'loft insulation' as there are several types of insulation that could be used (eg Mineral wool, Thermal Fleece, Spray Foam etc) which all cost different amounts.

Quotations must be detailed and clear, otherwise BEIS will reject the quotes.

The Energy Efficiency Association suggests that you instead have line items similar to the following example:

  • 118 m2 of loft insulation consisting of 20 rolls of 200mm thick Rockwool mineral wool insulation (5.93m2 per roll =£xxxx

Or if you are installing smart heating systems controls you can't just say

  • Qty 1 x Hive Smart Heating System = £xxxx

But should include the following details

  • Hive Home Control Smart Heating System consisting of
    • 1 x Hive Active Main Heating Control Unit
    • 1 x Hive Active Heating Display Unit
    • 1 x Hive Hub
    • 7 x Hive Radiator control valves

= £xxxx

Where possible, the Energy Efficiency Association recommends that line items should include:

  • The quantity of product / material to be used (in square meters for insulation coverage)
  • The type of product / material being used (with appropriate dimensions such as insulation thickness in mm)
  • The brand of product being used (with model no if appropriate)
  • If the product is already bundled, break out the bundle to show what is included.
  • Price (you don't need to price each item in a bundled product; just make it clear what is included in the price.)

To pre-empt any issues on future quotations the association suggests adding a line entry or survey note for each measure whenever the installation is more complex, or likely to be slightly higher, or lower, than normal. This should just state the reason for the divergence from the expected norm, and detailing where the additional costs are being incurred

For example:

  • Survey Note: The loft space is an unusual shape so two additional rolls of insulation material have been quoted for in order to complete the job properly


  • Survey Note: Due to the location of the boiler, wifi signal strength is too low for normal installation of main heating control unit next to it. Customer has requested it is placed in under-stair cupboard instead. An additional 20m of cabling is therefore required and included in the price quoted.

Enabling work should be clearly set out in the quotation already as its own line item, but an additional note is recommended.

For example

  • Survey Note: Restricted access to part of the loft will mean an additional temporary loft hatch will also have to be created,

Enabling Work: Creation and Restoration of temporary loft hatch consisting of

  • Artex asbestos check
  • Cutting of 530 x 700mm loft hatch
  • Re-install of generic roofing plasterboard
  • Re-texturing of work area

= £xxx

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