Government Clarification on the Green Homes Grant for installers

Government Clarification on the Green Homes Grant for installers

The Green Homes Grant will provide funding towards installs up to March 2022 in a year extension to the scheme.

Work can only begin once the customer’s voucher has been issued with you listed as the installer. Beware that any work started before this cannot be claimed under the Green Homes Grant Scheme.

There are still plenty of vouchers available, however, The Government have reported that delays are occurring as many homeowner voucher applications are incomplete and require more information in-order to be approved.

Common causes of delays

Delays to voucher applications arise when the quote does not contain all the detail we need.

It would help your customers receive their vouchers if you can ensure that a quote contains:

• Business name and contact details
• Company registration and VAT numbers (if applicable)
• Customer’s name/address/contact details
• Full breakdown of works, including ancillary (i.e. scaffolding, lowering of the level of ground water) including costs
• Total price (incl. VAT for domestic customers)
• How long the job will take
• Any delivery costs
• Any deposit needed
• Details of stage payments (if agreed)
• Any guarantee/warranty you will be providing
• Payment terms (how/when will customer have to pay)
• Any access needed (e.g. to water/electricity)

Click here for a template which you can use for giving quotes under the Green Homes Grant Scheme. This will help to make sure that your customers’ voucher applications progress as quickly as possible and you can start to carry out work.

Another common reason for delay is the price provided in the quote. It is expected that installers will not charge for providing a quote and the price quoted by you must be reflective of your usual prices for an installation of that kind. The Government state that they will continue to monitor prices quoted by all installers to ensure that they are consistent and appropriate.

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