Energy Efficiency Tips for Boilers


Is your boiler ready for winter?

When Winter strikes, we need to make sure that our boilers are up to scratch and prepare them for the cold weather. Recently, we've seen temperatures plummet to minus 6 degrees, and there's been lots of stories circulating of people's boilers packing in.

But we're here to help. Here are some useful energy efficiency tips for our 'all important' boilers:

  • Get your boiler serviced to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently. It"s a good idea to do it before winter truly sets in. Just like your car, a boiler works a whole lot better if it is serviced regularly.
  • Replace your old gas boiler with a new efficient 'A' rated condensing boiler. Condensing boilers are the most efficient boilers on the market as they transfer 90% of the fuel they use into useful heat, compared to around 60% for an old style boiler.
  • Clean out those radiators. Get your central heating flushed to ensure your system runs at its full capacity. You should notice the difference in heat straight away and be able to turn your boiler off sooner without wasting energy unnecessarily.
  • Regulate the temperature in your home with a digital programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator values (TRVs). You can set up your system to maintain a nice even comfortable temperature without ramping up your boiler every time it feels cold. You can alter the "feel" of different rooms and programme your system to turn on before you come home from work.

Find out more about smart heating controls.

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