Understanding Your Bills

We have listed some top tips on understanding your utility bills below. For more specific queries, you can contact your energy supplier.

  1. Energy bills are calculated by a fixed daily rate (standing charges) and a unit charge for each unit of energy used. If you are on price capped tariff. the costs between the two cannot be higher than the energy price cap.
  2. If you are not on a smart meter and you do not supply regular meter readings, suppliers have to estimate your energy use, which many not be a fully accurate representation of your usage.
  3. As a consumer, you are protected by back billing rules. This means you cannot be charged for unbilled energy use from more than 12 months ago if you have not received an accurate bill for this before. Only in extreme cases e.g. stealing gas/electricity will these rules not apply.
  4. Ofgem set a maximum amount of standing charges. These vary by region. Standing charges are increasing due to a variety of factors.
  5. Your energy supplier is required to calculate direct debits based on the latest available tariff information.
  6. It is possible that direct debits may increase to reflect the higher cost of energy. Your energy supplier must communicate any changes to you.
  7. If your energy supplier goes out of business, your supply should remain uninterrupted. Ofgem will handle your transfer to an administrator or new supplier. You should not make any changes to your energy accounts until you have been informed by your new supplier that your account has been moved over. Any debt from your old account will be transferred over.
  8. If your supplier has a warrant to install a prepayment meter, this should only be done as a last resort. They are required to offer you other ways to pay, give you 28 days to pay and must take into account your ability to pay.

If you are having problems with your energy supplier, you can speak to Citizens Advice for support.

For more energy advice, contact YES Energy Solutions.

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