8 ways you could benefit from a smart meter

8 ways you could benefit from a smart meter

The push to install smart meters in homes throughout the UK is on, but despite the benefits of the digital upgrades, many householders are resistant due to a cloud of misinformation about the possible disadvantages of smart meters.

We're on hand to dispel these myths to help residents discover the benefits of smart meters to help them make a more informed decision on whether to adopt a smart meter.

1. You will get accurate bills

Estimated bills will be a thing of the past, as smart meters regularly send your energy usage to your utility for billing.

2. You can see your usage

If you use a smart display (this is an option free of charge) you can visually track your usage in real time. You will be able to easily identify how you are using energy and if any of this is unnecessary. By changing your behaviour in response to the readings on the smart display, it is possible to make savings on your gas and electricity bills.

The display shows:

  • energy used in the last hour, week and month
  • level of current electricity use is high, medium or low
  • real time updates for electricity and half hourly updates for gas

3. No more meter readings

There is no need to have the utility read your meter manually. You won't have anyone coming round asking to read your meter as the information is sent to the utility digitally.

Benefits for prepay customers

4. See your credit

Prepay householders can see how much credit they have left using the in-home display, as well emergency credit balance, debt balance and alerts if credit is low.

5. Top up more easily

Credit can be topped up more easily by phone, online or at a local shop.

6. Accessing your meter is no longer a chore

There is no longer a need to access the meter to input a top up card or key as this can be done remotely.

7. Switch between prepay and credit

Customers may be able to switch between prepay and credit without needing an installer to visit the home.

8. Help shape country's infrastructure

Smart meters allow suppliers to better predict demand, helping to shape energy infrastructure to become more reliable and efficient. According to the National Infrastructure Commission a complete smart energy grid could save the nation 8 billion pounds each year

How to get the most out of your smart meter (Smart Energy GB)

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Learn more about smart meters from Smart Energy.


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