​Top tips on how best to use an air source heat pump

Top tips on how best you use an air source heat pump

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Air source heat pumps can be more efficient than certain systems and are also a source of renewable energy. Maximise the efficiency of your system with our top tips.

For consistent performance and maximum benefits, consider the following:

1. Take the time to fully understand your heating controls and how best to set up the heat pump in line with your daily routine.

2. Get your air source heat pump serviced on an annual basis (or in line with what is recommended by the system manufacturer). This ensures that it is running at maximum capacity and any faults are fixed.

3. Remember that the harder a heat pump works the more electricity it will use. For the most cost effective results, set your pump up to provide heat at a lower temperature over a longer period of time.

4. Ensure your home is well insulated to trap the heat that is produced and always close windows and doors when the system is in use.

5. Make sure there are no items constructing the external unit so that a steady flow of air is maintained. This includes removing any snow or ice that might accumulate cover the vents during the winter.

6. Move onto the most economic electricity tariff so that your heating savings always counteract your electricity bills.

7. Ensure that the pressure gauge on the unit is within the correct range. Most units should be set up between one and two bars (but check your user guide for further details).

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