Cavity Wall Insulation (Mineral Wool)

Cavity wall insulationKeeping your home cosy and warm

Cavity wall insulation from YES Energy Solutions can help you:

•    Save up to £160* per year on fuel bills
•    Make your home warmer and more energy efficient
•    Reduce the amount of fuel you use
•    Add real financial value to your property

*According to the Energy Saving Trust

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Getting cavity wall insulation installed in your home is by far one of the most efficient ways of saving energy and money. Did you know that without insulation, around a third of your home’s heat escapes through the walls!

Cavity wall insulation acts like a blanket. It traps heat inside your home, keeping your rooms warmer and more comfortable. What’s more, you will be able to turn your boiler down as your house retains the heat.

ECO Insulation Grants

ECO insulation grants

ECO PenguinThrough the Government's ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, homeowners and private renting tenants can take advantage of funding to cover or contribute towards the cost of installing cavity wall insulation.

There is no personal qualifying criteria, so providing that your property is technically suitable you will qualify for a grant to support the cost of the work. The level of grant funding available is determined by how much energy can be saved in your home. This will be calculated at the assessment stage.

The typical installation cost for cavity wall insulation is around £475 for a standard semi-detached house. With an ECO grant you can save on upfront costs. In some circumstances installations can even be fully funded.

Find out more about ECO grants


How Do I Know if My Home is Suitable?

How do I know if my home is suitable for cavity wall insulation?

The majority of homes built after the 1920s have cavity walls. You can get an indication to whether or not your home has a cavity by looking at the brick pattern on the front of your external walls.


Cavity - Likely

If all the bricks are roughly the same size and evenly spaced out,
then it is likely that your property has a cavity.
        Cavity - Unlikely

If all the bricks are randomly spaced out and are different sizes,
it is unlikely that your home has cavity walls.

What if my home is not suitable?

Typically, mineral wool can only be installed in cavity walls with an even width, in properties that are mainly constructed from brick. If you live in a stone house or if your cavity is jagged and uneven, you still may be able to get your wall insulated with spray foam insulation (Technitherm).

Alternatively, if your house dose not have a cavity, you could consider external solid wall insulation.




Wool Cavity Wall Insulation What is involved in the installation process?

A series of small holes are drilled in the external walls of a suitable property then mineral wool is pumped into the cavity. The holes are resealed, the walls are washed down and any excess dust is cleared away.

If we are using grant funding to support the cost of your installation then at least 50% of your property will need to be insulated for any work to go ahead. Unfortunately, we are unable to insulate single walls or garages due to funding restrictions.

How long will the job take?
Typically an installation will take about 3 - 4 hours for a standard semi detached property. Installation appointments are usually carried out within 3 weeks of an approved technical survey.

How do you check that my home is compatible with the insulation material?
Our experienced surveyors will carry out a series of safety checks at your home. We will need to drill a hole inside one of your external walls and use a borescope (a devise that lets you view and measure a cavity) to determine whether or not your home is technically suitable for the work.

A cavity needs to be roughly 50mm wide in order for it to be filled. Only homes with even cavities that are typically constructed from brick are suitable for mineral wool insulation. There are other insulation materials available for different property types such as spray foam insulation (Technitherm) and external solid wall insulation.

Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency
What guarantees do you offer on cavity wall Insulation?
All of YES Energy Solutions installers provide a 25 year CIGA* guarantee on all mineral wool cavity installations.

Find out more about CIGA guarantees.

*CIGA – An independent industry guarantee from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

Will my home look different after cavity wall insulation is installed?
After the holes in your external walls are resealed, our installers will try their best to match the colour of the sealant to the colour of your original brick work. In some cases, airbricks and vents may need to be replaced enabling the insulation material to work effectively and provide a sufficient air flow.

Our installer’s take pride in their work and will make sure your home is left presentable after hosing down your walls and sweeping up any dirt or dust.

Can cavity wall insulation cause damp problems to my property?
Cavity walls were originally built as a barrier to prevent moisture spreading to the inner body of a property. It is a common misconception that filling a cavity would encourage condensation and rising damp.

Mineral wool insulation is not only waterproof, but lets the walls breathe deterring any unwanted moisture. Providing that there is still a healthy flow of air passing through your walls, the insulation will not create any damp problems.  

You can feel assured that our home insulation professionals will carry out a series of rigorous checks to ensure that your home is technically suitable for the work to go ahead.



Why YES Energy Solutions

YES Energy Solutions are energy saving experts and cavity wall insulation specialists. We can help you connect to our network of industry accredited contractors.

•    Industry approved installers
•    Local labour from highly trained professionals in your area
•    Easy to pay schemes and grant funding
•    25 year CIGA guarantee

YES Energy Solutions is on a mission to help reduce CO2 and alleviate fuel poverty in the UK. All of our profits are invested into our energy saving community work.

Find out more about our company mission.

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