Solar PV System

Solar PV PanelsGenerate your own electricity from the power of the sun

With a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system from YES Energy Solutions you can:

•    Generate FREE home grown electricity all year round
•    Get paid for the energy you produce through the Feed-in-Tariff
•    Reduce your fuel bills and cut CO2
•    Add value to your property

Latest Offer:

4kW Solar PV Array (Standard) - from £4,600 (Inc VAT @ 5%)
Roof mounted Vikram Eldora Ultima 250W Poly PV panels with Solis 3.6kW Dual MPPT DC Isolator Inverter.

4kW Solar PV Array (Deluxe) - from £5,550 (Inc VAT @ 5%)
High optimum, roof mounted SolarWorld 280W All Black Mono panels fitted with a robust SolarEdge 3680W 1ph HD-Wave Inverter.

MCS Approved
(Subject to survey)

Monthly payment scheme:

RECC ApprovedAffordable finance – easy to pay loans for renewable energy systems.
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Solar PV systems are one of the most popular renewable energy technologies. They provide a constant flow of free renewable electricity all year round, which can really help you slash your energy bills.

What’s more, thanks to the Government's Feed in Tariff you can now generate income from all the home-grown electricity your system produces. Not only will you reap the benefits of a greener and more energy efficient household, but get paid for utilising your own renewable energy.

How does a Solar PV system work?

Solar PV panels are made up of a series of cells that create an electric field once exposed to daylight. The current is then passed through a module called an inverter that converts the energy into usable domestic electricity.

The strength of a solar PV system is measured in kilowatts. The term ‘kWp’ indicates the total amount of energy a system will produce in full sunlight. The more cells a system has the more sunlight it can access, therefore the more electricity it will produce.

Generate income through the Feed in Tariff

Generate income for your renewable electricity.In April 2010 the Government launched the Feed in Tariff, where homeowners are financially rewarded for generating electricity through renewable technology. Not only can solar PV customers produce their own free electricity, but now they can get paid for using it!

The three benefits of the Feed-in-Tariff:

1. Generation Payments
Your electricity provider will pay you for every unit of electricity your solar PV system generates over the next 20 years, irrespective of whether you use the electricity in your home or not.

2. Export Payments
On top of your generation payment you will also receive income for every unit of generated electricity that is not utilised in the household. This excess electricity is automatically sent to the National Grid, so you are effectively selling your unused electricity back to your provider.

3. Electricity Savings
According to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical home PV system can produce around 50% of the electricity used by a household in a year. You will cut carbon emissions and reduce electricity bills considerably.

See the latest Feed in Tariff rates


ECO PenguinWhat happens at the installation stage?
Following a successful survey, scaffolding will usually be required and erected a day or two prior to the installation of your solar panels. A typical array consists of up to 20 panels and is installed in less than two days. Access will be required to your loft space, the consumer unit (fuse box) and the roof itself.

How do I look after my system?
Solar PV systems have no moving parts, therefore there is no maintenance / service required. An annual clean of the panels themselves by a window cleaner is recommended to maintain optimum efficiency.

Will I need planning permission?
Providing your property is not a listed building or situated in a conservation area, no planning permission is required. On the rare occasion that a roof requires strengthening work, an application can be made to building control with your Local Authority.

Why YES Energy Solutions?

MCS ApprovedYES Energy Solutions have been installing Solar PV systems and managing renewable energy projects since 2000. We are accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and are members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) to demonstrate our commitment to quality installation and excellent customer service.

•    Independent energy saving advice
RECC Approved•    Industry approved installations
•    Access to funding, grants and finance

YES Energy Solutions is an award winning Community Interest Company. Are assets are locked and any profit we generate in reinvested back into our community work. We believe in two things – reducing CO2 and alleviating fuel poverty in the UK.

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