Park Home Insulation - North Lincolnshire

YES Energy Solutions is working with North Lincolnshire Council to help transform the energy efficiency of a series of Park Homes across Scunthorpe.
North Lincolnshire Council

Launched in November 2015, our Park Home insulation project is helping vulnerable residents keep warm and healthy and reduce their fuel bills.

We secured funding through the Technical Innovation Fund to improve the thermal values of 35 Park Homes using external wall insulation and floor insulation (where applicable).

Not only will these vital home improvements help retain heat, but enhance the whole visual appearance of the properties.

Customer Benefits

The first batch of installations have now been completed, helping residents to save energy and money and take pride in their homes. Watch our video to find out what a difference the project has made for Park Home residents:

Why Park Homes?

By their nature as temporary structures, Park Homes are some of the least energy efficient properties in the UK. Older Park Homes tend to have thin walls with virtually no resistance to escaping heat, leaving the residents paying over the odds on fuel. Insulation is the ideal solution, but until now there has been very little funding available to support Park Home owners.

Technical Innovation Fund

YES Energy Solutions was awarded funding through the Technical Innovation Fund (Targeted Areas Initiative) – part of a £26.2 million Health and Innovation Programme designed and administered by NEA, the national fuel poverty charity.

The fund is designed to bring affordable warmth to over 6000 fuel poor and vulnerable households in England, Scotland and Wales. It enables community-level trials of innovative solutions using measures that are not traditionally used within the scope of current fuel poverty and energy efficiency programmes.

Park Home Insulation - BoardingMonitoring Success

As part of the scheme, NEA will be monitoring the impact the insulation has had on residents. This includes measuring fuel bill savings, comfort levels and U-value improvements. If results are positive, the project will be used as a blue print to influence other Park Home initiatives going forward.  

YES Energy Solutions will update this page with the projects developments over the coming weeks.

To find out more about the North Lincolnshire Park Home Insulation Scheme contact YES Energy Solutions on:

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