Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat PumpChannel the earth’s inner heat into your home

With a Ground Source Heat Pump from YES Energy Solutions, you can:

•    Heat your home for less
•    Get paid for your system’s heating potential
•    Reduce fuel bills and cut O2
•    Add value to your property

Monthly payment scheme:

Affordable finance – easy to pay loans for renewable energy systems.

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Generate income:

The Domestic RHI – get paid for the heat your system provides

A Ground Source Heat Pump collects heat from underground and converts it into energy which can be used to power a variety of home heating systems. They are ideally suited for people with large gardens or for householders with no direct access to the mains gas network.

A borehole is drilled into your garden and a metal structure in the shape of a large spring is positioned within the ground. The heat is then collected and channelled back into the property.

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Typical Cost

Most Ground Source Heat Pumps cost in the region of £11,000 - £15,000. Running costs vary depending on the size of your home and how well it is insulated.

The Domestic RHIGet paid by the Government

Thanks to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), you can get paid over 7 years for investing in a Ground Source Heat Pump. The Government will provide quarterly payments to anyone who invests in a renewable heating system. Payments are determined by how much heat your system is deemed to generate. So not only will you reduce your energy bills but get paid for supporting the environment.

Find out more about the Domestic RHI

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How long will the job take?
Timescales can vary depending on the size of your ground source heat pump and property. Typical after a survey, most installations are completed within 2 – 3 working days. Our qualified installers will advise you on a realistic timescale before any work is carried out.

Is my property suitable for a ground source heat pump?
This depends on the current fuel you use to heat your home and the amount of space you have available for the installation. Properties with a larger amount of outside space are the best suited for a Ground Source Heat Pump installation.

What will I look to save with a ground source heat pump?
This depends entirely on your circumstances and the heating system you currently use. Before our installers carry out any work we will complete a full assessment of your property and your home's energy needs so you can be confident that you have made the right decision.

Is it difficult to maintain?
No, it’s simple, there is no need for safety checks and routine maintenance requirements are minimal. A ground source heat pump can last over 20 years and the ground heat exchanger should have a life of over 50 years.


ECO PenguinWhy YES Energy Solutions?

YES Energy Solutions is part of an award winning Community Interest Company, committed to reducing CO2 and alleviating fuel poverty in the UK. With no shareholders to satisfy, we use our profits to boost our social mission and support the communities in which we operate.

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We have a national network of SME installers covering a wind range of home efficiency and renewable energy technologies. We can help you connect to a local industry approved professional to carry out your installation.

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•    A UK network of local installers

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