Cavity Wall Insulation (Technitherm Foam)

Spray Foam Insulation for narrow, uneven and hard to treat cavity walls

Foam Cavity Wall InsulationSpray foam insulation (Technitherm) from YES Energy Solutions can help you:

•    Save up to £300* a year on fuel costs
•    Reduce heat loss
•    Overcome defective or corroded wall ties
•    Protect your home against wind, rain and flooding

*Figure taken from case study evidence collected by Isothane Ltd

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Spray foam insulation (also referred to as hard to treat cavity wall insulation) is ideal for properties with narrow cavities walls or for homes that are unsuitable for more traditional insulation materials. YES Energy Solutions use Technitherm insulation, an industry approved foam cavity wall insulation product with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Insulation Grants & Funding

Insulation Grants & Funding

There are grants available to support the cost of spray foam insulation through the Government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme.

The amount of funding allocated to an installation is determined by a home assessment which calculates your property’s carbon footprint. The more carbon saved (by installing insulation), the more funding is allocated.

YES Energy Solutions can give you an idea of the likely funding rates available for your property type. We will then need to perform a technical survey at your home to work out the exact amount of funding we are able to claim to support the work.

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What is Technitherm?

What is Technitherm Cavity Wall Insulation?

Technitherm Cavity Wall InsulationIf your home is unsuitable for standard cavity wall insulation, then Technitherm could just be the solution you are looking for.

Technitherm is designed for non-standard cavity walls and consists of two components which when combined produce an adaptable but durable foam material which is then pumped into a cavity. The foam fills all nooks and crannies, then sets selling the cavity and strengthening the wall construction.

Technitherm insulation can be used in narrow cavities, variable width cavities and standard cavities. It is also compatible with any of the following hard to treat property types (subject to survey):

•    Brick
•    Random Stone
•    Coursed Stone
•    Properties with failing wall ties
•    Houses with no damp proof courses
•    Narrow cavities down to 25mm




What type of material is used in Technitherm insulation?

Technitherm insulation consists of a foam substance which is widely referred to as polyurethane. It has the ability to bond to almost any material and is completely water resistant. When the foam is injected, it starts off as a fluid, but quickly expands and hardens to completely fill the cavity and bond the inner and outer walls together.

How will I know if my home is suitable?
Technitherm works in homes that are not suitable for standard cavity wall insulation. It effectively fills narrow cavities from  >50mm, random stone walls, variable width cavities and high rise Hard to Treat properties. One of our experienced surveyors will conduct a detailed technical survey to ensure your property is suitable.

How long does it take to install Technitherm Insulation?
Technitherm insulation is inserted from the outside of the house with minimum disruption. For the average property, it takes roughly one day to install.

What guarantee does Technitherm insulation offer?
Technitherm insulation is approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee which has been officially recognised by the industry regulator Ofgem.

Will Technitherm insulation cause any damage to my property?
To enable your cavity walls to be insulated, a series of small holes are drilled into the brick work. After the insulation has been installed the holes are filled using colour matching mortar.

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Why YES Energy Solutions

YES Energy Solutions offer an inclusive service, from survey through to installation:

•    Industry approved installers
•    Local labour from highly trained professionals in your area
•    Easy to pay schemes
•    25 year manufacturer’s guarantee on all insulation products

We’re a company with a social purpose! We invest the money we make into community schemes that help people save energy, reduce CO2 and fight fuel poverty.

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