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YES Energy Solutions is working with APSE Energy to help engage Local Authorities and promote the benefits of council backed energy efficiency approaches.
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APSE Energy is a division of the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) - a not-for-profit membership organisation consisting of over 300 Local Authorities across the UK. The association is dedicated to promoting excellence in the delivery of frontline services to local communities.

APSE Energy involves a group of pioneering Local Authorities who are working together to facilitate the local municipalisation of energy services. They are passionate about supporting communities, promoting local energy generation, distribution networks and delivery of energy efficiency works.

What is ECO and Green Deal?Through our partnership with APSE Energy, we have created a ‘how too’ guide to help Local Authorities develop their understanding of the Government’s ECO and Green Deal schemes. The main purpose of the guide is to strip down all the confusing technical jargon that surrounds both initiatives and simply explain how they work, what they are trying to achieve and how Local Authorities can get involved.

The guide, titled ‘What is ECO and Green Deal’ highlight the opportunities and pitfalls that effect Local Authorities implementing energy efficiency strategies.

Download our Local Authority Guide to ECO and Green Deal

For more information about APSE Energy visit: www.apse.org.uk

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