North Leeds External Insulation Scheme

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Please note that this project has now finished - for more information contact: 01422 880100

Cashback with External Solid Wall Insulation

EWI in LeedsYES Energy Solutions are working across North Leeds to help local residents benefit from external solid wall insulation and claim up to £6,000 Cashback.

If you apply to get your property externally insulated, you too can join the Government’s ECO scheme and claim back up to 75% of the installation costs. (Subject to survey)

The cashback scheme is a Government initiative designed to help householders reduce the cost of energy saving installations. You can claim Cashback if you pay for external solid wall insulation out right or through a monthly finance package.

External solid wall insulation from YES Energy Solutions can help you:

     •   Claim up to £6,000 Government Cashback
     •   reduce fuel bills by around £270 - £460 a year*
     •   Improve the look and feel of your property
     •   Save energy, retain heat and add value to your home

*Figure taken from the Energy Saving Trust

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